Virtual therapy & Groups

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Individual Therapy &
Women's Group

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Couples Therapy

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Family Therapy

My practice includes treatment for but not exclusive to addictions, anxiety, depression, PTSD, impulsivity, adjustments, transitions in life, relationships, communication issues,  DUI’s & DWIs, and much more. 

In addition, I hold virtual women’s group-sessions that are secure, easily structured, confidential, positive, and most importantly supportive & expressive.

I look forward to meeting with you and helping you on your journey towards a happier, mindful and satisfying life.

**Immediate availability for telehealth services during COVID-19 crisis.

**NYS Impaired Driver’s Assessment Provider

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Approach to Therapy

I’m a therapist who both listens and engages, often presenting challenges to consider perspectives outside your comfort zone, while greatly emphasizing collaboration with you. I use various approaches to help you manage and overcome short and long term obstacles, including CBT, DBT, and Motivational Interviewing, among others.

Trauma Informed

I understand and consider the pervasive nature of trauma and promote an environment of healing and recovery.


I am an inclusive therapist who recognizes and discusses how the disproportion of power and privilege affect emotional well-being.


Compassion and kindness are the most powerful and most underrated agent of human behavior change.


In therapy, you’ll transform powerlessness and increase control over your life. I am here tell you what you need to hear vs what you want to hear.


We will work together as a team to engage in dialogues that encourage growth, change and balance.

Yes, the good news is, that there is hope


I am just ordinary people who loves doing what I do! I am here to assist you.  Ultimately you make the final decision and I am coming alongside you. You’ll find me working hard, prepping for sessions, remembering details about you, and laughing along side you.

I have been there. I understand struggles, hurt, pain, trauma and being uncomfortable. I am not here to judge, but to uplift, encourage, show compassion, to listen and most importantly help you understand that it is ok and it will get better. 

How long you’re in therapy depends on you. You do not have to do anything you don’t want to! But, if you want to make meaningful changes to your life and relationships, the length of treatment is based on your needs. Most importantly, what you want counseling to help you with.

I am here to assist you and meet you where you are in your journey. I’ve had clients who have come for a few sessions or for months at a time. While it’s hard to predict how long therapy will take, I promise I won’t keep you for longer than needed.

Since the health crisis, I’ve made online counseling program more robust and easy to navigate. It’s much easier to squeeze a session into your schedule when you can meet up with me from wherever is convenient for you.

  No commute – part of that convenience is not having to factor in traveling to and from my office.

Consistency – meeting regularly with a therapist is important, especially when you first get started, and it’s much easier to maintain consistent visits when they just need to jump on a private video call.

Yes I take insurance!!!

Blue Cross Blue Shield, MVP, Cigna, Aetna

Session start at $ 120 +  and vary depending on duration, individual, family and couples. I also offer a sliding scale fee.


Impaired Driver Provider: Provider of Clinical Screenings and Assessments Services for the Impaired Driver  

*Impaired Driver Provider Services $375 in addition to $65 per urine toxicology *